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Ah! Diwali, Oh! Diwali!

Hello Foodies,

Diwali 2020 has passed us by in a different light like so many other things this year! Hope you were able to make it enjoyable in the best way possible. One of the ways, I know, was the pleasure gained by eating the comfort festive foods which made special appearances in the kitchens during these celebration times. Ah! how much we relished the deep fried vada pavs, samosas, the cholle puris and puranpolis besides the various Diwali sweets and namkeens specially prepared or bought for Diwali. And now that Diwali is over, here we are, left in the guilt of consuming triple figure calories in just one sitting! I am sure most of us must have planned to get started on different diets. One of the popular one making rounds nowadays is the SSSS diet. And if you are wondering what this 4 S diet is, then let me lay it out for you- it is means replacing our well balanced meals by Soups, Salads , Smoothies or Starvation( basically skipping a meal)

Now let me enlighten you with some knowledge spelt out by some famed dieticians out there. They say, you shouldn’t feel guilty at all if you have indulged in these delicacies as they are such an integral part of our festivals. And if at all you are guilty, then my dears, you were not on a sustainable diet before the partying started😀As per them, the more sustainable your lifestyle is, the better it is for your overall health and weight loss.

According to them, these types of rigid SSSS diets or hitting the gym for hours right away in regret and remorse is inappropriate too. To get back in routine after a festive break, one should start with basic stretching exercise for about 20 minutes and a couple of rounds of suryanamskars (sun salutations) in mornings and evenings. Once you have regained the grit and routine, then start with more enduring and tenacious yoga sessions or gym workouts! Until then, you should just get rid of the excessive acid and bloating (caused by overeating and an upset sleep cycle) by keeping yourselves hydrated more than before. Eat a proper well balanced meal which includes all the basic food groups and chew it slowly and honestly without looking into your phone or TV. And to really detox, ditch that can of zero calorie soda and instead, say hello to tender coconut water. Also, just savouring on gulkand by itself or by mixing it in warm milk can help to get the digestive tract back on track. After all, Thanksgiving is soon approaching and we have to brace ourselves for yet another long weekend of potluck dinners and get togethers!

Until then, drink H2O and detoxify 😃

And thanks for stopping by!

Catchya soon,

Vandana Oke


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